Fan Content Submission Guidelines

Liked what you saw? Feeling like submitting fan content? Here's some guidelines on how to get your stuff showcased. Much appreciation to anyone and everyone willing to take time out of their day to make these submissions! Remember: All content is hosted off-site!

Contacting the authour

If you have any questions about the characters, comic or any of the guidelines on this page, I can be found at DeviantArt, Weasyl, and Twitter. Please contact me if I don't add your submission in any of the collections right away!

Submission Ideas

While most submissions are pictures, feel free to submit fan content in any medium. Some ideas are:
- Text (short stories/fanfics)
- Animations
- Audio (voice acting, JPS comic dramatic readings, character theme songs)
- Arts and Crafts
- Photos (must be your own, or used with permission, no "meme generator" images)
... and many more not covered here. Get creative!

Submission Constraints

Because all fan content is hosted off-site, you are bound by the rules and regulations of the site you're submitting to. Also, please do not submit anything too explicit (gore or sexual themes), political or religious as it's unlikely that I will accept it. .


I highly encourage alternate interpretations of my comic and characters because it's usually fun for both the fan and creator! With that said, should you choose to make my characters as accurate as possible, it will be helpful for you to glance through the Character Bios section or give the comic another read. You can always contact me if you have any specific questions too!

Editing and Removing Submissions

The beauty of hosting this content off-site is that the submitter has total control over the submission. Editing or removing anything in the fan collections is only a matter of the user editing/removing the original submission file. You do not need to contact me if you choose to edit/remove anything, unless you want me to remove an item from a collection without deleting the original submission file.

Regarding Guest Comics and Collaborations

Sorry, these are for friends only. On a slightly unrelated note, if you wish to translate my comics into a different language, you are free to do so as long as you link back to this site and don't claim the comic as your own.