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Artist's Comments:

Wow, I changed the ending of this comic like 4 times. And I also ran out of disk space YET AGAIN. Hopefully I deleted the right programs that wont mess up my computer.

Klingon as a Second Language totally sucks. And it's even worse when a really really really lonely virgin with low standards tries to teach it to you. Ew. Makes me wonder what Wayne would do if a REAL Japanese anime nurse showed up in his room. Just for clarification, Wayne isn't into the whole bestiality thing, he just enjoys a good LARP once in a while...

Anyone else love the logos I did in that fantasy bubble panel or am I the only one?

If you get the really old references in the second panel (the poster and the action figure box pyramid), you are totally awesome and I love you. The "Merry Marilop" is something new though...

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