Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, if you clicked this link, you obviously have no idea what's going on. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of The Jaycee Pawman Squad soon enough, let me just answer a few questions first...

What's on this website?

This is Jaycee Studios, also known as JCS. It's a home for my comic, "The Jaycee Pawman Squad". This is a comic taking place in a cartoon world with parodies of many animated series. The Jaycee Pawman Squad is a police, rescue and investigative squad specializing in knowledge of different parts of the cartoon world. Squad members must be ready at all times to teleport to random parts of the world and deal with different cartoon species.

Who are you?

I'm the author/webmaster known as Jamie A. "Jaycee" is a nickname that I adopted when I was 14 and used to make my Jaycee Pawman character.

Where do I start first?

I guess you can start with the Character Bios section to get to know them better. Or you can start at the first JPS comic and work your way through that.

Can I submit stuff to the site?

Of course, no need to ask! I'll accept almost anything and put it up on here. The "Fan Stuff" section of the site is here. Be sure to read the submission guidelines as it shows my contact information, and gives details about what content will be collected.